How to Get 100% Performance from Your Remote Software Development Team

remote software development team

Following quite a while of going to the workplace, with little notification, representatives this year across the world were advised to work from home. All the time tested office schedules of the face-to-face week after week gatherings, weekly meetings to generate new ideas, and water cooler discussions were tossed out the window.With no preparation or … Read more

5 Tips for Leading an All Remote Team

Remote Team

Working remotely is frequently discussed in terms of technology consumption, but it entails far more than having a good network connection, the latest equipment, or the appropriate digital communication tools. When working in a remote team, there are a variety of social and functional issues to consider and resolve. Even the most connected teams—and the … Read more

Reasons to Partner With Offshore IT Company.

Reasons to Partner With Offshore IT Company.

Offshore was often thought to be nothing more than a technique to save money on operations. Software development offshoring has become the accepted standard as the need for IT resources has grown and service providers have become more concerned with quality. This not only relieves your internal personnel of some of their responsibilities but also … Read more

5 Misconception about Remote Software Developers

remote software developers

In recent years, There have been a lot of stereotypes and negative experiences about remote workers that all offshore software developers are low quality, undependable, and unable to communicate effectively. It can be true in some cases but yeah, never judge a book by its cover. Not all the books that look the same are … Read more

What to Look for While Hiring a Remote Developers

hiring a remote developers

Hiring a remote developers sometimes can be a very tedious task for organizations. Tech companies have been among the first to integrate remote work and hire remote developers on a permanent basis far before the pandemic hit. So by now, many of them have learned about remote work being as productive, successful, and collaborative as … Read more