How to Get 100% Performance from Your Remote Software Development Team

remote software development team

Following quite a while of going to the workplace, with little notification, representatives this year across the world were advised to work from home. All the time tested office schedules of the face-to-face week after week gatherings, weekly meetings to generate new ideas, and water cooler discussions were tossed out the window.With no preparation or … Read more

What is Odoo Studio?

Oddo Studio

Odoo has now presented Odoo Studio, which is a module where you can rapidly make any custom Odoo Applications in a short measure of time.  Odoo Studio furnishes its clients with every one of the important apparatuses to make customized applications in strict minutes. On account of its easy-to-understand and codeless interface, making applications is … Read more

Hiring a React JS Developer: What Should You Look For?

Hiring a React JS Developer: What should you look for?

React JS has become a well-known JavaScript library lately. With an increase in demand for React JS, there is a tremendous interest for React JS designers. Here comes HR’s tedious occupation of looking through the right applicant with excellent coding abilities in React JS. Technical recruiters are regularly stuck when they don’t get resumes with … Read more

Thinking to Ditch Zoom Jitsi Offers an Open-Source Alternative

Ditch Zoom Jitsi

FROM Gatherings AND Meetings to dates, we as a whole live in videoconferencing applications now. Be that as it may, after a progression of protection and security messes at Zoom, which has gotten basically inseparable from video conferencing during the Coronavirus pandemic, numerous associations and people are thinking about what administration is most secure for … Read more