What is Odoo Studio?

Odoo has now presented Odoo Studio, which is a module where you can rapidly make any custom Odoo Applications in a short measure of time. 

Odoo Studio furnishes its clients with every one of the important apparatuses to make customized applications in strict minutes. On account of its easy-to-understand and codeless interface, making applications is pretty much as simple as 1-2-3. 

Odoo Studio’s natural modules permit you to add and tweak as numerous fields and choices in existing dev views. 

You can add report engines, email gateways, business insight, thus considerably more to your current applications – without needing progressing or even beginner dev abilities. 

As indicated by Odoo’s President Fabien Pinckaers, it’s a device for designers to make models of their applications, or immediately set up a skeletal diagram of another module. 

All things considered, how about we see what Odoo Studio can do taking everything into account.

What Can You Do With Odoo Studio?

We believe that the main incentive that Odoo Studio offers is its tool compartment that assists you with making completely modified and adjusted Odoo modules without needing complex designer abilities or Python knowledge. 

That is also the simplicity of which Odoo Studio permits experienced developers to make application models. 

There are as numerous models, activities, perspectives, and menus you can create as you can consider. 

Odoo Studio likewise permits you to mechanize your activities utilizing Python – which permits your engineers a platform from whence to streamline your manual cycles through Odoo. It likewise comes in with a powerful XML editor that permits different custom perspectives.

Let’s break it down and have a look at 5 reasons why you should choose Odoo framework to build your custom ERP solution.


Odoo ERP arrangements can be customized to suit your business needs utilizing a blend of 100+ modules alongside 5000+ third-party applications which can assist with upgrading your business’ efficiency and work volume.

These diverse Odoo modules perform autonomously in various blends giving a superb cross-application reconciliation to meet all your business cycles and necessities efficiently


Since Odoo System depends on the particular design you can kick things off on your custom Odoo ERP arrangement simply by introducing a couple of essential modules.

In spite of the intricacy of your business, non-geeks can likewise modify the Odoo ERP arrangement by adding modules dependent on your business prerequisite notwithstanding whether it be a fundamental module like hr module or progressed modules like completely included Internet business modules or Deals and Showcasing modules or Undertaking the board module.


Odoo gives 3 sorts of versions to you to customize and assemble your custom ERP solution. Odoo people group version is an opensource release which just gives restricted highlights of odoo out of the crate.

Odoo Online is a cloud-facilitated premium arrangement where all highlights of odoo are accessible and facilitating is taken into consideration by Odoo. Odoo Endeavor or odoo on-premise plan is a self-facilitated odoo premium bundle where you get all highlights of odoo yet you need to deal with facilitating. Notwithstanding the version, you picked we can make tweaked reports according to the necessities.


Frequently the time factor assumes a crucial part in the deployment of business management solutions. The easy to use interface and simple to-go functionalities of the stage help the speedy execution and simple utilization.

Odoo opens new standard cycles that ERP frameworks offer as opposed to depending on the conventional way. The Odoo business executive’s structure makes client arranged execution simpler and a superior method of holding the involved specialty in the forceful market.

In any case, the advertising technique of Odoo’s is obviously set to draw in clients for your business.


Odoo development team pays keen attention as it scales according to the global trends of different ERP technologies. Odoo modules are flexible to customize according to your business requirements at the same time being adaptable to the existing frameworks. The diversity of Odoo module development coupled with the flexibility in the platform guarantee highest levels of customization among the rest ERP platforms.

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Still, Wondering Why you Should Choose Odoo to Build Custom ERP Solution For Your Business?

Indeed, We comprehend that the appropriate response isn’t exceptionally basic, there are a ton of functionalities accessible in Odoo stages, which is the reason you first need to survey the necessities of your business prior to selecting the correct framework design for easy business measures.

In the event that you are as yet unsure of this let us help you assemble the custom ERP arrangement which will support your business further.

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