Hiring a React JS Developer: What Should You Look For?

React JS has become a well-known JavaScript library lately. With an increase in demand for React JS, there is a tremendous interest for React JS designers.

Here comes HR’s tedious occupation of looking through the right applicant with excellent coding abilities in React JS.

Technical recruiters are regularly stuck when they don’t get resumes with a solid foundation and range of abilities. 

There are numerous complex and long processes included while recruiting for the React JS work job. How might you evaluate and recruit the right-fit React JS engineer?

Here is a speedy guide for you to simplify this interaction but is powerful. 

As a matter of first importance, we should comprehend the React JS technology and its uses. 


React JS is a JavaScript library used to fabricate UIs.

React JS can be used to fabricate straightforward page applications and versatile applications. On account of complex applications, it can be used close by various libraries.

One explanation for the ubiquity of React JS is having simple creation portions in React JS and the reusability of these fragments.


Specialized abilities are vital, certain, however let us not forget the consistently significant delicate abilities it takes to make a software developer excellent.

Communication Skills

It sounds self-evident, however in an undeniably distant world, having the option to convey well and in a convenient way is totally basic.

When searching for designers, examine their means of communication and their long periods of work.

Almost certainly, they may live in an alternate time zone than you, so having the option to save time to the interface is an unquestionable requirement. 

It’s likewise critical to set up assumptions with regards to the correspondence channels that will be utilized. What devices are being utilized inside at your association? 

Lastly, any powerful cooperative person will request help when it’s required.

Over and over again we see valuable time squandered by somebody who was reluctant to ask another person for help.

Guarantee that there are open lines of correspondence between your engineer and the rest of your group and that they understand the appropriate parties for any difficulties they may have.

Encourage working together to uncover solutions.

Good Time Management

An expertise that is the main concern for most associations, time management becomes progressively significant when we’re discussing projects with an exact cutoff time.

That frequently becomes an integral factor for engineers being recruited for an unmistakable task where time is of the substance.

With numerous product designers having an innovative soul, it’s imperative to realize that your task is a first concern.

Particularly with numerous associations moving into remote work interestingly, it’s normal to be exhausted about how time (and money) is being spent.

Thus, guaranteeing you’re working with a designer that realizes how to deal with their time admirably empowers you both to set up doable assumptions in advance while giving you the solace of realizing they’ll finish (forthcoming any sudden issues).

Problem-Solving Skills

Issues will unavoidably emerge in any advancement project. It’s an innovative and insightful designer that can consistently discover the arrangements and make a big difference to the undertaking.

Your designer should have the option to do their own exploration and can carry answers to the table.

While it is anything but a necessity, it’s likewise useful to have a designer with various industry experience.

They’ll have the option to take that boundless experience and apply it to pertinent circumstances experienced inside your association’s venture.


Being versatile might be perhaps the main abilities an engineer can bring to the table.

The business is continually in motion; it’s important to be capable and able to master new abilities and programming dialects when they do introduce themselves as a need for current and future activities.

Keeping steady over the most recent news and patterns will keep an engineer relevant and in demand. 

Client Feedback

It’s consistently an incredible expansion to have client feedback.

It’s only one out of every odd day that somebody will flaunt negative reviews, however, certain feedback can give you an extraordinary gander at what you could possibly anticipate from a designer from individuals who were once from your perspective.


Normally, any React native developer you’ll welcome into your team ought to have explicit hard specialized abilities to finish your venture.

At Offshoreitstaffing we vet for engineers who have a deep understanding of React Native.

To help you out, Here is what we believe you should look for in a React Native developer


  • Contribute readable, testable, and efficient code across all layers of the stack. At AbleTo, we use JavaScript (React/Redux) and Ruby on Rails.
  • Own major features from requirements definition to release.
  • Actively lead the design and/or refactoring of our front-end web application architecture, stressing usability, performance, security, and resilience.
  • Identify accessibility and UX risks and drive their remediation.
  • Raise the quality bar for each release through test-driven development, pairing, and collaborative code review
  • Quickly evaluate new patterns/services using light coding spikes.
  • Enhance coding standards, developer documentation, and knowledge transfer to new or less experienced developers.


  • Type safety (Typescript and/or Flow)
  • Testing
  • Some Java knowledge for extending Native Modules on Android
  • Some ObjC/C++/Swift knowledge for extending Native Modules on iOS
  • Some State management library knowledge (Redux, Mobex, even Apollo can be thrown at here)


Hiring a React Native developer that fits well with your group and has every one of the abilities and experience vital may seem like a tedious accomplishment, yet we guarantee it’s possible.

Indeed, that is by and large why we as of late distributed a step-by-step guide on how you can recognize and enlist the right React Native developer.

Regardless of whether you’ve guaranteed your recruiting group is furnished with every one of the devices and information important to track down the correct fit, or you leave the complex verifying to an accomplished group like G2i, you’re well en route to taking your business to new technological heights.

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