Launch your Minimum Viable Product on Time & on Budget

minimum viable product

The smartest way to go for Minimum Viable Product

Your MVP or the Minimum Viable Product fundamentally achieves two objectives- to gather feedback and to test whether it solves the pains points of users with its basic features or not. If you cannot do this in-house, then get an offshore team on-board. The most viable option to build your MVP within your budget and time is via offshore IT staffing. In particular, India is one of the key outsourcing destinations keeping in mind its prowess in Information Technology.

Engaging with Offshore IT sourcing

When it comes to MVP creation, it can be quite challenging, especially if you are a non-technical founder. One of the best ways to quickly launch a minimum viable product while disbursing a limited amount of resources is with offshore IT outsourcing.

Offshore IT Staffing can set you up with a remarkable development team. Their developers are extremely creators are very zealous about their client’s projects and work exclusively on one client at a time. They make a team on their own and work together in a common space converging all fields of expertise.

They get your work going under 3 days. The development of a minimum viable product actually means minimizing cost and time to market. This is exactly what you achieve with an offshore partner like Offshore IT Staffing.

Price vs. Cost of a Project

The guidelines remain the same when you are paying for an outsourcing partner. Always look at the cost of a project, which covers the total cost of ownership of an MVP. Do not get fixated on just the price of the project, viz. the initial price for development. One must keep in mind that very soon you have to start working on maintaining it or upgrading it.

So, view the whole project in its entirety, and you will make a better decision in selecting the right outsourcing partner. With offshore staffing, you are getting skills that you cannot otherwise afford. Having an offshore partner is like having another arm. You would be much better off in the next step after the launch. Do not only look at the costs but also sign up for expertise and experience in building MVP.

The Time Factor

Adding a permanent developer to your team necessitates someone who is not only good skill-wise but also matches the team culture. Finding this person can take a lot of time. Just think of advertising for a vacancy, conducting interviews, and finding a match. On the other hand, you could spend this time working on the MVP with an outsourced team instead.

Saving recruitment time converts to the availability of more time for marketing. With offshore hiring like the OIS, the MVP development goes on the floor between 48 to 72 hours and they stick to deadlines. They follow an 8-hour work schedule and send daily reports on coding.

Look into the future- a long term relationship

After the launch, your company may need to hire an in-house developing team and reduce or end your engagement with them. On the other hand, should the need arise, you can always re-hire programmers to continue their work on an extended project. The best bet with OIS is that they provide immense flexibility. You can hire them whenever you have a requirement, for as long as want and they are also conversant with your goals and way of working.

Three basic scenarios when you can benefit a lot from outsourcing:

MVP has four stages of development

  • ideation
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Marketing

Offshore can help you with all the four. In case ideation has been done already, the rest of the above can be run parallel or sequentially. you can benefit a lot by outsourcing especially if:

You have no expertise – if you are not an IT company, obviously you don’t. if you are an individual, it makes all the more sense.

You do not have a team- A techie friend helping you here and there won’t be called a team, will it? Building a team involves time, skilled developers, and project managers. By sourcing out to an agency like OIS, you have an instant team that strives and works hard day and night for your satisfaction. Because they have a high level of professionalism.

You do not have time- if you possess the skills, do you want to quit the job you are doing and build an MVP? On the other hand with outsourcing, the project is streamlined, planned, and executed, keeping you in the loop as well.

There have been countless examples when start-ups have exhausted their time, energy, and money in building on ideas, without emphasizing the viability factor. Start-up enthusiasts can save spending high on investments at the early stage of product development, and rather build MVP. When your MVP is successfully tested for market viability, it can forge ahead to full-fledged development.

Toptal vs Offshore IT Staffing

toptal vs offshore it staffing

Let us say you are a midsize or small enterprise or software company.

You have an upcoming project that you need to execute for a client or for yourself within a timeline. Your company does not have the required staff for it and you do not want to hire permanent employees for, let us say, a six months project and train them according to the job.

Nevertheless, the project is ambitious and you want the best talent in the field to create a competitive product. 

For instance, for an e-commerce website or building a mobile app, you would require (minimally)

  1. An android developer,
  2. An IOS developer
  3. A designer
  4. Back-end developer
  5. A content writer
  6. A project manager to manage the above team

So, would you want to hire 6 people for a single project in-house? 

Your best bet is to outsource. Outsourcing is not as easy as it seems to be. Hunting down the right people who can promise to do a satisfactory job at the right time is a chore.

However, you have 2 evident options to outsource a project- freelancers or an offshore staffing team. Freelancers would mean hiring individuals whereas offshore implies you are seeking collaboration with a staffing firm that acts as an extended arm for a given project.

Which one would be the more advantageous option so that you can have the best of expertise, pricing, coordination, and a guarantee of satisfaction? Let us compare both options and see what these alternatives have to offer to the client.
As an example, we will proceed to contrast and compare a freelance platform and OIS- Offshore IT Staffing Partners point by point.

Toptal vs Offshore IT Staffing

Types of Services

There is a basic difference in the methodology and the nature of services and the experience one gets while interacting and transacting on both these platforms of outsourcing work. 

OIS handles and executes projects for the clients. They assign dedicated squads who work exclusively on their assignment.

All developers are full-time on-roll employees of OIS. Each of these staff is vetted, certified, and highly skilled. Every project is assigned to a team led by a ScrumMaster certified project manager.

The built team works collaboratively in the same office (belonging to OIS). You do not need to bother about what kind of skill-set or how many professionals you require to complete the assignment on time.

OIS handles all that. For example, if you wanna outsource the creation of a mobile App, OIS would assign android developers, back-end programmers, full-stack or hybrid, and content writers, etc.

Thus, they will build a group internally with the maximum skills and the minimum people. For team management, achieving goals, and following deadlines, a ScrumMaster project leader drives the collaboration. The team follows an 8-hour shift regularly which adds up to 160 hours per month.  

Toptal provides a platform or an interface where you can search for freelance professionals. The freelancers are categorized based on their field of work. These freelancers work individually. How experienced they are, is questionable.

Toptal is a network for hiring any number of freelancers for a work order. These professionals are not employees of TopTal and therefore, they are free to do other work for different clients as well. You yourself have to coordinate their work. Since they are freelancers, their hours and time of working are varied.

Also, if they are geographically apart, they might be working in different time zones. So make sure that you keep the locations in mind while hiring.  

Non-disclosure and Data security

Whenever you outsource a contract, your business gets exposed to outsiders. In the case of in-house work, the HR department takes care of that by including the non-disclosure agreement in the appointment letter itself. 

OIS offshore IT staffing sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the clients who start a project with them. The whole team (who are IOS employees) are also bound to this agreement of confidentiality, data security and to not use sensitive information with other clients, specifically those in competitive fields. 

TopTal is an interface, a website where you can contact and hire developers or programmers. However, the website has no role in whether or not the freelancers abide by any terms and conditions in your favor.  

Time and cost of outsourcing

Here, we compare both the options on the basis of time taken the project to complete- it includes the initial take-off downtime, development, testing, analysis, and product delivery.

OIS claims that the projects go on the floor within a period of 48 to 72 hours. It is really quick because it includes the downtime (time spent in recruiting). This is so because the hiring is done at one go. The total number of developers required for a job are engaged & coordinated within this time. The entire assignment takes a shorter time compared to freelancers because the OIS team coordinates under one roof.

 OIS guarantees that the total cost of any job would be 70% less than that of in-house employees. That is a huge profit to the client because he is getting vetted talent and a well-coordinated team.

If the job requires only a single person or a short term, there is complete flexibility. Also, since the entire team is working in the same office under the guidance of a manager, work is much faster than individuals working remotely and independently. Hence, lower is the cost too. Charges are per hour per month.

Toptal mentions only the hiring time as 48 hours. It does not say anything about the project going underway. 
Regarding pricing, Toptal does not mention charges, and rightly so because Toptal is only an interface. What the freelancers quote according to the expertise they claim, is entirely up to them. Charges are usually on a per-hour basis.

Updates on work

IOS offshore team is like an extended arm who work 8 hours every day (5days a week). The programmers send daily reports and commit the code into your repository. They can be contacted via phone, email chat or chat
Toptal provides freelancers who are not bound to send daily reports or codes to the clients.

We have formulated the following table to highlight some of the main differences for a quick analysis. 

 Toptal vs. Offshore IT Staffing

toptal vs offshore it staffing


From the above study, we can observe the main difference. OIS is an offshore staffing company that executes assignments for you via a dedicated team headed by a ScrumMaster. The staff is permanently enrolled for OIS. With Toptal, you are basically on your own unless it is a small little task you want to outsource.

How To Get Started with App You’ve Always Wanted to Create

get started with app

In today’s world, everything seems to be happening via mobile apps. From buying groceries, salon services, meditation guidance to financial consultancy. Let’s get started with app, the mobile apps are making a home in your phone like bees to a hive. Until September 2019 Google Play had a choice of 3.3 million android apps to choose from while the Apple store displayed a choice of 2.2 million apps. These figures convey the usefulness of mobile apps and their strong impact on users and needless to say, the owners as well. 

No wonder Mobile apps are a multi-billion dollar industry in 2020 and counting.

 These figures show that the opportunities and market demand is high. But so are the users’ expectations. The competition is tough out there.

Are you too harboring an exclusive idea that you think can influence people? An idea that can make a mark with a section of today’s populations? Of course, you can. You have the most important ingredient- the idea and the vision. 
Nevertheless, in a saturated market, the frameworks and platforms are enormously well- developed too. You require the right execution, the right approach. 

Get Started with App

get started with app

Let us examine it at the ground level. You need to create an App. There are two ways of going about it.
Make it yourself 
a) Learn to code and develop it 
b) Use an out of the box app builder for a DIY
Outsource it
a) Engage a freelancer
b) Hire the services of a developing company 

Make it yourself

1. Making your App yourself by coding

This is the DIY approach to making and developing an app. Start learning, maybe enroll for a coding class, and there you go! But remember, it is neither a one-time learning nor a one-time job. It is not only about coding. One needs to maintain the app throughout. It could be updates, bugs, or customer support. Quite a package, really. However, it will be cheap. In fact, it will cost you nothing! (maybe the coding class fee). And, it would give you the satisfaction of having learned a new skill which you could even make a part-time occupation. 

It would take you roughly 2 years to fully develop it ( creating, testing, analytics, and so on). Coding on your own may be time-intensive but the best solution ever. You won’t have any dependency on others. You can add, edit, or modify your application whenever you want. However, there is certainly the snag of – time. Time is money, my friend. Moreover, if you are looking to monetize your app, just consider the revenue you would be losing in those 730 days, and the option may not look so cheap! 

2. App Builders to Self-Build A Mobile App

Thanks to App Builders, you can make your application without having to learn to code. It is literally, the Develop It Yourself way. Dispensing with the technological know-how, these builders provide you with an interface wherein one can design and add certain elements. You can handle queries, orders, or display information, but the options are limited. But if you’ve got an original “idea” for an app that mixes native features inimitably, keep searching.
Both with app builders and with coding, you are on your own. Your product is dependent on solely your vision and thinking. 

A single person simply can‘t hold the entire required knowledge and experience to create, launch, and support a whole product. Sure, you may find a couple who claim they will, but even still they might tell you along the way that they require, or already have, somebody, helping them somewhere along the development process – specialists, designers, analysts, etc. 

What development approach are you adopting? This has a bearing on your development, and in turn, this impacts the size of your development team.

3.Outsource the App Development

If you do not want to learn to code or use readymade solutions for your project. Neither do you have an in-house development team, then the best option for you is outsourcing or hiring an outsider for the job. One may do it in 2 ways. Let us see. 

4. Employ a freelancer for App development

You have a dream in your eyes and you want to materialize it the best way possible, right? Hiring the services of a freelancer could also be a good alternative to getting started on your dream app. But before you do that, you must be aware of the pros and cons of working with a freelance developer. First, it will cost you less than hiring a developer company. Secondly, you would also have a certain amount of control over timelines. But there is the other side of the coin too. 

The disadvantages of a freelancer service are:- 
· You have a loner in the driving seat.
· There is way less flexibility in ideas and execution. 
· It is not going to be easy to find someone with the skill-set you want.
· There is no guarantee of his/her expertise.
Hiring a freelance developer is a little tricky. Nevertheless, it may turn out pretty good for some people. How well this turns out for you will depend chiefly on the quality of the developer you end up hiring.

Hiring an App Development Company

Well, when one approaches a professional company for a certain job, there is definitely going to be a spectacular change in the manner in which the entire project is handled and delivered. You receive a proficient and professional working solution, not just coding and creating.

Developer firms like OIS provide you with the complete package of developers having expertise within the latest tools and advance technology. In fact, companies that operate on offshore staffing have a large pool of talent to choose from. 

The Advantages

  • Best Expertise in the Business- Get certified developers that cater to the goals and requirements for your cross-platform mobile application development.
  • Fresh Perspectives- They has a large pool of talent from different work styles, educational, and training background. This brings a fresh perspective and ideas to your project. 
  • Superior Framework- IT staffers possess a framework that allows the creation of superior web applications. It converts to superior quality for your product. 
  • More Flexibility- Offshore partners work like extensions to your own team or yourself. It provides unusual flexibility, ability to tackle situations, and meet your expectations.
  • 24/7 Support- offshore outsourcing companies are spread out in varied time zones across the world. So, no matter where you ate located, you get full customer support whenever. 
  • Start-up Advantage- If you are a fresh entrepreneur or new in the Apps fray, firms like OIS provide help in the market expansion at a global level.
  • No goof-ups- The possibility of goof-ups or roadblocks are almost negligible. And if any, they are well versed with ways to resolve them. 

You might say hiring a Dev company like OIS is a little costly than the other options but considering the value one receives, it is worth every penny. 

When you have a vision, a dream, you want the very best for it. You do not want anything to go wrong anywhere. And believe me, you can rest assured they would do a good job because they too have a reputation to protect and build and feather to add to their cap.

Is It Time to Explore Permanent WFH for Your Business?

permanent wfh

When diverse talent conglomerates to work on a common goal, do their locations matter?

To a large extent, no.

The world today is experiencing a digital transformation that is escalating to new heights of advanced communication via SaaS and PaaS platforms. The recent times have seen a digital culture being infused and burgeoning in the blood of almost every enterprise, in all sectors of industry.

This culture has changed the way businesses are run globally. It had started a long time ago but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, has further underlined the use of advanced information technology that has brought remote teams closer to collaborate and achieve higher goals in a virtual environment.

A new breed of work from home generation of employees has emerged. The physical distancing norms have also changed the entire business world. Almost every enterprise in the world was obligated to conduct its services with both managers and employees sitting at home.

Most companies have reported that they are mostly happy with the way many things keep working remotely, thanks to WFH employees. Then again, even as some of these options have worked out well and some have not( for various reasons, one thing is certain.

WFH is taking a here to stay and lending a new dimension to how the companies are going to operate in the future.

The question is, are you ready to explore the options to allow permanent WFH for certain profiles? Let us examine this.

Can you make permanent WFH for your organization?

It is doubtful that the pandemic would go away fairly early. At least for a year or two organizations would be juggling through a cycle of containment and distancing. If we are looking at work arrangements for this long, it is not difficult to speculate that some sections of work might be conducted away from the offices permanently.

Having said that, certain job profiles lend themselves more conveniently to remote work. Interestingly, along the line that employees started WFH in the pandemic scenario, managers have discovered many such profiles. The main outlines of such profiles lie in the Information Technology segment.

Major examples of these profiles are Mobile Application Developers or Web & Mean Stack developers. While right now there is more focus on working from home, actually it is working from anywhere. Many organizations have discovered this mode now, although it has been in vogue in the IT sector for a long time.

To comprehend the work structure to include remote job profiles in your enterprise, you may have to rebuild a structural flow of the activities. Shift the focus from predefined roles and emphasize the tasks to be performed or the required skills for it. This way you can easily pinpoint the roles that should be handled locally and the ones that can be outsourced to exclusive talent.

As a manager, you might be worried about prospective productivity and cost to the company of the staff when they are working remotely and away from scrutiny. These woes can be completely taken care of by offshore IT recruiters.

They provide IT staffing services that completely takes care of this worry because you stand to save up to 70% of the cost when you engage staffers from them. These staffing companies provide an advanced & easy solution for organizations looking to hire the best talent, the most productive employees, and save a lot of money as well.

Offshore staffing for IT- How does it work?

offshore it staffing works

Stepping back about 20 years, people traveled to wherever the software was being developed. Consequently, software development itself moved to places that had skilled human resources, an advanced network, software tools, and advancement in related technology.

Now with much advancement in business software tools, communication know-how, there is no requirement for the actual movement of skilled force or infrastructure.

Offshore staffing services provide the best of talent from all over the world to clients located on any coordinates on the globe.

The best part of the arrangement is that the hired staff do not have freelancing profiles but actually they are permanent employees of their parent company, which is Offshore IT staffing services.

Second, OIS sponsors all the prerequisite equipment or software for your company’s work, if required. Third, the developer keeps you updated with daily reports. And last, you can communicate with the hired staff via phone calls, email, or chat.

Benefits of offshore IT staffing services

The following points would easily assess for you the costs and benefits But that revolution has long been thwarted by resistance – crucially from management concerned about productivity and performance.

  1. Tap into global talent pools- Hiring only from your local labor pool is unavoidably restrictive. offering remote work opportunities can help you draw and hold competitive talent. In fact, sometimes you cannot find the required skill & experience locally which makes you lose clients, revenue, and valuable time.
  2. Save money – Offshore IT Staffing can help you move your IT/Tech needs and save you up to 70% with WFH options
  3. Save time- Working remotely can save a lot of time. Time spent in commuting, dealing with HR managers, office administration sucks time and energy affecting the productivity of the most sincere of employees.
  4. Get full-time dedicated developers and programmers to follow 8 hours shift for you every day for five days a week. The staffers work the full shifts remotely without you having to bother with any monitoring. Also, they do not work from home but devised office premises.
  5. Satisfy all IT & Tech needs at one place- For all your IT job profiles you have a one-stop-shop saving you the bother of having to deal with different sets of people or organizations.
  6. Fast hiring. Have them start work for you as early as within 68 to 72 hours! Now, where would you get such a fast track human resource recruitment service? We all know how long and lengthy a talent hunt can be.
  7. The choice to hire for long term or short. This is the best feature, which allows you to hire a resource for as short a time as 30days. Otherwise, if you enroll employees internally, you cannot just lay them off without a reason after a project is over.

Task Management Tools to Handle Hybrid Teams

task management tool

All teams are interdependent on one another and fellow team players. WFH or not, coordination and collaboration among the employees are very important. Deadlines have to be met and work submitted along the hierarchy in a timely manner.

Task management is of utmost importance while handling such hybrid teams comprising of remote and on-premise staff. Adopt a cloud-based task management tool for teams that brings each employee on the same page.

It enhances visibility, enables task creation and submission, defines schedules & priorities, and provides everyone with a to-do list. You will be able to track each task and assess performances via graphical analysis.


It has been nearly 50 years since futurists envisaged a digital revolution that would enable people to work from home via advanced technology. Now is the time. Today, even automobile companies are selling their cars online.

Gradually all other industries such as retail, services, education, and entertainment are adopting the remote way of working in varying degrees.

What other cue do you want?

Empower your business with fine talent from wherever it is available. Make the best performing teams that can compete in a cutthroat market.

It is definitely time for you to explore permanent WFH options for your business.