A Guide to “How to Manage the Performance of Remote Workers”

remote workers

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, many companies have asked their employees to work remotely. With many organizations committing to remote working, many leaders are managing their remote workers for the foreseeable future. There is this saying- “When trust isn’t there, employees don’t perform as well remotely.”  Trusting your employees to manage their own time … Read more

Reasons to Partner With Offshore IT Company.

Reasons to Partner With Offshore IT Company.

Offshore was often thought to be nothing more than a technique to save money on operations. Software development offshoring has become the accepted standard as the need for IT resources has grown and service providers have become more concerned with quality. This not only relieves your internal personnel of some of their responsibilities but also … Read more

What is Odoo Studio?

Oddo Studio

Odoo has now presented Odoo Studio, which is a module where you can rapidly make any custom Odoo Applications in a short measure of time.  Odoo Studio furnishes its clients with every one of the important apparatuses to make customized applications in strict minutes. On account of its easy-to-understand and codeless interface, making applications is … Read more

Hiring a React Js Developer: What Should You Look For?

Hiring a React JS Developer: What should you look for?

React JS has become a well-known JavaScript library lately. With an increase in demand for React JS, there is a tremendous interest for React JS designers. Here comes the HR’s tedious occupation of looking through right applicant with excellent coding abilities in React JS. Technical recruiters regularly stuck when they don’t get resumes with a … Read more

How to Manage Performance of Remote Teams


With Work-From-Home being the new normal, many things about the workplace have changed. We have seen a huge shift in the work inputs but employers still need the best output. So, all the organizations working remotely are seeking the best possible ways to manage the performance of their remote teams. Earlier it was easier for the … Read more

10 Useful Remote Working Tips

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If you’re working from home, you’ll want to be as productive as possible. It isn’t always straightforward. Even the most experienced work from home workers may have difficulties at times. During the coronavirus epidemic, several companies have requested workers to operate from home. This can be difficult if you’ve never worked from home before. For … Read more

Thinking to Ditch Zoom Jitsi Offers an Open-Source Alternative


FROM Gatherings AND Meetings to dates, we as a whole live in videoconferencing applications now. Be that as it may, after a progression of protection and security messes at Zoom, which has gotten basically inseparable from video conferencing during the Coronavirus pandemic, numerous associations and people are thinking about what administration is most secure for … Read more

Best Php Frameworks for web development in 2021

Best Php Frameworks for web development in 2021

Are you curious about which PHP framework is best suited for web development in 2021? PHP has been one of the most commonly used programming languages for years. Its main purpose is to develop applications and the web. Although the language is considered quite strong and comfortable, it has gone through a lot of evolution. … Read more

Why Organisations Should Hire Remote Developers

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In 2021, there is a rise in the demand to hire remote developers. Remote developers are the people who can work from anywhere and have the choice to work with anyone. Before the hike in work from home culture due to the pandemic in 2020, tech companies had already integrated the concept of remote work. … Read more

5 Misconception about Remote Software Developers

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In recent years, There have been a lot of stereotypes and negative experiences about remote workers that all offshore software developers are low quality, undependable, and unable to communicate effectively. It can be true in some cases but yeah, never judge a book by its cover. Not all the books that look the same are … Read more