How to Build Your Own Remote Team with Offshore It Staffing?

Remote Team

Working with a remote team from home isn’t just a fad of the present – it’s the way of the future. Companies that are going remote and organizations that are remote-first rely on remote employment to assemble a talented and motivated team. Remote employment has substantial advantages for both employees and organizations. According to statistics, … Read more

Staff Augmentation Vs Project Outsourcing – Which Is a Better Option?

Project Outsourcing

The demand for competent IT services is always increasing in an uncertain and dynamically changing corporate environment. Project Outsourcing and The dearth of skilled software engineers, on the other hand, is a fact that today’s market must face and adapt to. Businesses throughout the world are increasingly looking to technology innovation to cut costs and … Read more

Building Your Own Video Conferencing with Jitsi

Jitsi Meet is an open-source platform for hosting video conferences that is both free and safe, due to HTTPS encryption. The Jitsi Meet client can be installed on any device and operating system to enable video conferencing and remote collaboration with an unlimited number of people. Without using third-party services like Skype for Business, Microsoft … Read more

Step by Step Guide: Building A Great Remote Company Culture

Company Culture

Talent should not be restricted to a particular place or geography.  It takes longer to look for a candidate who fits your requirements,if one relies on hiring local talent only. But when you cast a wider net by interviewing and hiring employees remotely ,you not only end up hiring the employees faster but also from … Read more