Offshore IT Staffing vs. Fiverr

offshore IT Staffing vs. Fiverr

There could be many reasons for a company to outsource software development. The main ones are not having the required skills, having your own teams running full capacity, and wanting a quicker delivery with the latest technology. Whatever the reasons, one must make an outsourcing strategy based on the service or product you require and … Read more

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with Python

artificial intelligence

In the present day, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have developed enormously as a concept, much beyond science fiction indications. They have become a necessity. Both AI and ML have emerged as the big boys of the IT sector. When significantly intense and large amounts of data have to be handled, it cannot be managed … Read more

10 Benefits of Working with Dedicated Remote Development Team

remote development team

Offshore development companies provide IT development services to organizations situated in a different country. The purpose of outsourcing is to save on cost, get a higher skill set for the project, and gain extraordinary productivity. Apart from this, there are numerous benefits of associating yourself with a remote development team such as Offshore IT Staffing. … Read more

Launch your Minimum Viable Product on Time & on Budget

minimum viable product

The smartest way to go for Minimum Viable Product Your MVP or the Minimum Viable Product fundamentally achieves two objectives- to gather feedback and to test whether it solves the pains points of users with its basic features or not. If you cannot do this in-house, then get an offshore team on-board. The most viable … Read more

Toptal vs Offshore IT Staffing

toptal vs offshore it staffing

Let us say you are a midsize or small enterprise or software company. You have an upcoming project that you need to execute for a client or for yourself within a timeline. Your company does not have the required staff for it and you do not want to hire permanent employees for, let us say, … Read more

How To Get Started with App You’ve Always Wanted to Create

get started with app

In today’s world, everything seems to be happening via mobile apps. From buying groceries, salon services, meditation guidance to financial consultancy. Let’s get started with app, the mobile apps are making a home in your phone like bees to a hive. Until September 2019 Google Play had a choice of 3.3 million android apps to … Read more

Is It Time to Explore Permanent WFH for Your Business?

permanent wfh

When diverse talent conglomerates to work on a common goal, do their locations matter? To a large extent, no. The world today is experiencing a digital transformation that is escalating to new heights of advanced communication via SaaS and PaaS platforms. The recent times have seen a digital culture being infused and burgeoning in the … Read more