10 Benefits of Working with Dedicated Remote Development Team

Offshore development companies provide IT development services to organizations situated in a different country. The purpose of outsourcing is to save on cost, get a higher skill set for the project, and gain extraordinary productivity.

Apart from this, there are numerous benefits of associating yourself with a remote development team such as Offshore IT Staffing. That’s why the remote development team is becoming immensely popular around the world as a cost-effective solution for the Software Industry.

How is development with offshore IT staffing beneficial?

The offshore IT staffing services provide teams consisting of their permanent vetted employees headed by certified ScrumMaster project managers.

They work 8-hour shifts 5 days a week and send the developed coding to the client’s repository too. However, that’s not all. Let us look at them.

1. Reduces Costs

The foremost advantage of working with a remote web application development company in India is its cost-effectiveness.

Hiring software developed in-house is a costly affair as the CTC is far beyond salary- it includes on-boarding, training, perks, and incentives, etc.

Offshore software teams in developing countries are much affordable as the cost of living is lower there. You also save hugely on set-ups, capital investment, HR, and other such tasks.

2. Focussed Teams

focussed team

When you decide to outsource development projects, you cannot lay bets on individual freelancers that don’t promise coordinated teamwork.

The offshore staff builds dedicated teams for each client that work exclusively on one project at a time. The work in the same office is headed by a certified manager.

Their coordination is exceptional which brings invaluable insights and the best result for the client.

3. Get the freedom to concentrate on the big picture

concentrate on big picture
concentrate on big picture

Working with a dedicated remote IT team permits you to devote valuable time to your core business functions. The complex process of App or website development is zealously managed by your offshore project master.

It provides the in-house teams to leverage more focus on important revenue-generating activities.

4. Compliant with the time and need

compliant with time and need

First of all, the offshore staff saves time via faster solutions. Secondly, they provide their clients with a lot of flexibility. A detailed project entails testing many alternatives and strategies.

If in the process, a modification is required, OIS is open to that. At every stage, teams are reconfigured based on need.

As for the different time zones, it can be utilized to your advantage to get 24/7 support and updates. when you log off, the offshore teams start their work & takes it forward.

5. Select your dream team

offshore dream team
offshore dream team

Offshore IT staffing also allows you to pick developers and project management responsibilities. For the more specific skills and experience a client requires, OIS provides flexibility to opt for team players they specify even if it means recruiting new ones. This gives the outsourcing company an in-house feel.

6. Freelance vs. Offshore team


Freelancing is also popular for outsourcing IT development work albeit all its limitations. The major difference is that you get a readymade developer team headed project manager who works and coordinates on its own. With freelancers though, the outsourcing company has to make them coordinate with each other and take separate updates from each of them. Secondly, hiring freelancers is time-consuming- think skills, location, experience, and language.

7. Guaranteed Results

guaranteed results
guaranteed results

The OIS developers are full-time employees with a strong can-do attitude. Moreover, when the client’s ideation and the offshore experience collaborate, it is a lethal combo. You tend to achieve unprecedented verticals in any industry. OIS undertakes assurance for high-quality results via a team dedicatedly working towards one single goal, rather than working on multiple projects.

8. Seamless Technical Support

seamless support
seamless support

The offshore teams are frequently disposed and open to sharing their knowledge during the course of the project. The team will always be there to support you in all the conceivable ways. Working with a remote development team will also lead to an exchange of plentiful knowledge and skills, which can spread over to your own in-house teams.

9. Supplementary Service

offshore additional service
offshore additional service

Remember, development is not a one-time over with the program. The success of your product does not limit itself to launch, but it depends on the other essential aspects too like support and maintenance.

E-commerce, mobile apps, and other interactive websites require Content promoting, social media marketing, SEO, and so forth. It is vital to the success of the whole venture. OIS provides all these services and more.

10. More apt for large and complex projects

More apt for large and complex projects
More apt for large and complex projects

Indeed, for complex and larger projects, the venture assumes a different dimension that cannot be relied upon the do-it-yourself approach. A more professional, vetted, and cutting-edge project development is the only alternative. Extended remote IT teams save time, effort, and make the large projects much more scalable.

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