A Guide to “How to Manage the Performance of Remote Workers”

remote workers

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, many companies have asked their employees to work remotely. With many organizations committing to remote working, many leaders are managing their remote workers for the foreseeable future. There is this saying- “When trust isn’t there, employees don’t perform as well remotely.”  Trusting your employees to manage their own time … Read more

How to Manage Performance of Remote Teams


With Work-From-Home being the new normal, many things about the workplace have changed. We have seen a huge shift in the work inputs but employers still need the best output. So, all the organizations working remotely are seeking the best possible ways to manage the performance of their remote teams. Earlier it was easier for the … Read more

Is It Time to Explore Permanent WFH for Your Business?

permanent wfh

When diverse talent conglomerates to work on a common goal, do their locations matter? To a large extent, no. The world today is experiencing a digital transformation that is escalating to new heights of advanced communication via SaaS and PaaS platforms. The recent times have seen a digital culture being infused and burgeoning in the … Read more